Friday, June 10, 2011

Delicate balance

Father I have sinned. It has been three months since my last blog. Though, I have been busy playing this delicate balance of life, love, and work. Additionally, to be honest, I really didn't think anyone really was THAT interested in my life. It's kind of like the thought of when you post something on facebook and nobody comments... Anyway, here's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Things are good. Life is good. I wake up everyday and think this is a beautiful part of the country, I like my job...and I miss my husband and friends. There within holds my delicate balance. I'm in East Tn, my husband of 8 years (wow 8, I've never been with a guy for so long) is in West Tn. We're making it work, but neither one of us is thrilled by it. We've both decided that two years will be enough. Whether I move back or he moves here is still up for grabs. However, we will be together after the two year stint is through. The next thing to balance or grab hold of is the fact my dad has died. I'm officially parentless. Therefore, officially an adult. I know in my mind it's the circle of life. However, my heart sings a different tune and it's still a sad thing to face. (This is my time to tell you a little about my dad.) My dad had a nice long life. He had great opportunities. He traveled all over the world. He was a great story teller (Irish fellow ) and so funny. I miss him greatly and have to admit I'm shedding some tears just thinking about him. So let's move onto some softer topics. My job. About a month ago I took on more responsibility and have a dedicated set of workers to help me. It's a great crew which is a total blessing. Our work centers on special projects - treating mixed waste (radioactive & chemical hazards). It's interesting and never the same. Too bad I couldn't just plop the job anywhere I decide. As you know I've gone back to school for my MBA. It's interesting and challenging. It takes up a lot of time, more time than I thought it would. Through the summer we have class almost every Saturday. Ug. However, I graduate in Dec, not too far away. Time will go by faster than I know. I've found a study group. They are a really good group of folks. This makes it all so much easier. Then just to throw into the mix a little stress relieving material I've decided to do the Atomic Man HIM in Sept. (Please let me know if you'd like to join me.) The race director has stated the course is not as hilly as it has been in the past. However, I believe "flat" and "hilly" are all relative. What folks around here call flat is not Memphis flat. It's Knoxville flat. Therefore still hilly, but not as hilly as the mountains. In preparation for the race I've started going to track. It turns out the track coach used to be the coach at U-Indiana. Very cool. She's a nice person. You can check her out at I also have a training advisor. A certified coach with multiple race wins under her belt along with four IM Hawaii qualifying times. Which is also very cool. How can I go wrong?

There we go. Life in Nancy's world. It's interesting and busy, but not a made for movie thriller. I miss you all and think of you often. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

a few minutes to spare at lunch and to say Hi

It's Saturday, I'm at school, it's lunch, and I really don't have much to say. However, it has been six months since I've written and I really wanted to ensure everyone I was still alive and well.

I'm over halfway through with the UT-Knox MBA program. I've learned a lot, it has been a great experience so far. Though, I am so ready to be done, because after completion I can move forward in so many ways. Away from Oak Ridge? Maybe. Back in Memphis? Maybe. Living with my husband? Definitely. :)

I hate to admit, but being away from home, my husband, and friends has shifted my attention in so many ways. However, the one I am most proud of is my new found love of "Sex and the City" re-runs. My news loves, Big, Smith, and of course the girls have been entertaining the little free time I have. And tons of thanks to Joy who has been able to answer all of my SATC questions in which I've had coming in so late. And thanks to Big for providing all the wonderful dreams.....
Ok, back to reality and back to class. I miss you all! Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Comcast Life

I've lacked in my blogging, because my life doesn't have any of those zings and blings. However, I have found someone to take my place, to be the show in my blog.

The other day I went to the local Comcast to pick up a cable box. I had cable, but could only get ~8 channels and not the channels I wanted, so I thought I'd spurge and get the cable with "over 40 channels". Anyway, I was in the store, someone called "next in line" and I went up to the teller. The teller didn't say hello or ask me what I wanted or anything like that. Instead she went straight into her life story, which I have to say tops mine altogether. She had been married 28 years, had two kids with one of her kids, an 18 year old daughter a real trouble maker. Over the years the 18 year old had reported to the police that her dad molested her, beat her, etc... The other child, a younger boy, had just watched all this, he was the quiet one. The Comcast lady's husband was verbally abusive over the years, had his mother yelling at her too and to top it off had cheated on her. Though, she had cheated on him too, ~17 years ago and yes he still hung this over her head every chance he got. Well, after 28 years the husband has now moved out and the daughter is going off to college. This week-end will be the first week-end this woman, a country sounding, chain smoking, ~40 year old, will be spending solo, and she wasn't excited about it. She was still hopeful on getting back with her husband or was she? That was still up for debate. Whew...

You're probably wondering how long I stood at the teller counter listening to this soap, if my eyes popped out of my head or if I was served popcorns, snacks, etc... but it really wasn't that long and since there weren't any commercials it seemed to go by pretty fast. I guess she just needed an ear and I was there. It showed me that my life is pretty quiet and mellow, though I'm perfectly fine with that.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6 to 1 to 2

My work assignment initially brought me to East Tn for six months, then after a month or so into my stay the bar was raised to one year. Now after much debate and wear and tear on the magic eight ball I'm here for a two year period. Thank God I have a very supportive and understanding husband.

In the meantime, I've put my IM racing and actually all racing on-hold. Though, now I'm debating, should I try training for an IM from afar? Without my trianing buddies? Without my support system within ear shot? What do you think?

I know, you probably think I'm crazy for coming over here in the first place, though I feel as though this job position is a privilege, great opportunity to learn and grow my resume and an interesting, intellectual challenge.

And heck, it's only two years right????

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Once in a while life will spin all through my head and I’ll try to convince myself that I get a better quality work out when I run solo at 4:45am vs meeting up with friends while it’s still dark-dark outside for an early morning run. Or that riding my bike unaccompanied is easier then getting together with folks dressed in blue or green or any other bright color. But, I have to say, I need my friends, I’d rather be with my friends, I desire my friends and I miss joking/talking/laughing with all my friends.

A good friend is a gift. So this blog is my gift to you good friends… I miss you and love you. Our times together are in my mind along with a big ol’ smile in my heart. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My last run?

A little over two weeks ago, on a Friday morning, I was ~45 minutes into a run down one of the beautiful and hilly wood lined trails. I felt strong, the weather was perfect, and it was a good run. Then I felt a needle-like sharp pain in my lower back, right side. It hurt, but not a show stopper. I decided to turn around, run back to my apt so I could get some aspirin and then head back out. Well, ~15 minutes later I was stopped. I could barely walk. My stride was shortened and each step was painful. Little did I know, that was the beginning of my +2 week battle with my sciatic nerve.

I stretched. I took over the counter meds. I even took prescribed meds. And if you know me, I do not like to take any meds. The pain kept getting worse. I could barely walk with each step extremely painful. I’d wake up in the morning dreading to sit up in bed, because I knew it was going to hurt so badly. I had such a difficult time focusing on anything, because of the pain. I truly feel for anyone that has chronic pain. I just can’t imagine…

I finally turned to a fellow triathlete/ Physcial Therapist, she recommended MFR (Myofacscial Release). Per the website: Myofascial Release (MFR) is a mild form of stretching and balancing that has a profound effect on the body’s tissues at a deep level. MFR is sometimes very gentle, and because of its gentleness many people wonder how it could possibly work. However, MFR uses a complete range of pressure from “off the body” energy work to gentle pressure, to deep and very deep pressure when it is appropriate. You always have control of this pressure and no one has ever been injured.

I was a little skeptical, yet desperate. Skeptical because it’s branded as a holistic approach; the founder looks like the actor from the Quaker Oats commercial. Yet, I was more desperate then anything. Every step I took I wanted to cry. So my triathlete/PT friend helped me locate a PT/MFR in the Knoxville area. I called the PT, she stated she could get me in that day, before she headed to Atlanta for the week-end. It was now or never. I jumped in the car and she met me at the door. She spent an hour pulling/rubbing/suctioning/manipulating me. I realized half way through that I hadn’t shaved my legs in over a week, not that I could, I couldn’t bend down. I apologized, she could have cared less and actually me too. After the session I still hurt, maybe a little better, but it was questionable. However, I remember my PT friend telling me that it would not be an overnight fix, it would take a few sessions and some time.

However, the next day I felt like the gods were shinning down on me. The pain was not nearly as strong. My leg stride was a little longer. I didn’t want to cry each step. What ever she had done it was truly the answer. I would have brought her a cake and balloons if she would have been in town. And from then on I was on the road to healing. Nope, I still can’t run, but each day I am getting better. I saw my new PT wizard again last night, thanked her profusely while she did her thing. I’m off the meds. I’m on my bike. There’s a hitch in my step, but no tears in my eyes.

If you’re hurting and in doubt, believe me, MFR is a blessing.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Swim time

I'm anxiously waiting for the work day to end so I can race out of here to swim. I found a local pool, but the lap swim hours are a little limiting. Therefore, on Tue/Thur/Fri I try to wind up my work activities by 5:40 so I can swim for an hour at the local Civic Center. The pool has seven lanes and surprisingly it gets pretty crowded, though I have yet to share a lane. However, I'm sure once I shave my legs, wear that pink bikini or brush my teeth I'll get more offers. So...

The pool website states the pool temp is 81', yet I beg to differ. The water temp is always the same, cold. I sit on the side of the pool and will myself to get in. Luckly the lack of swim minutes on my side gives me a push in and the cold water keeps me moving.

I don't have any swim gear with me (yes I have a swimsuit), the gear's still in Memphis, hopefully being used by Jerry and/or Suzi and Pierre. So swimming laps is just that. I usually just swim continuous laps until the lifeguard tags me on the foot and tells me I have to get out, because there's little fishy lessons.

I should have mentioned sooner, but I have to give a plug to the lady manning the front desk. It's $3 each time I swim, which is another motivated to get the most swim for my buck. You would think she would be happy/polite/smile or anything positive when I hand her my $$, but I have yet to get it out of her. I'm wondering, should I really piss her off and pay her in pennies or just keep being really nice to her and try to kill her with kindness? The jury is still out, though there is an expiration date on the kindness container.